Dealership Text Message Campaigns

Drive more leads using SMS Text Messaging – tied to your CRM with VIN-specific vehicle information.

How Do Redline TextUps Work?

Redline TextUps is a texting solution for car dealerships that’s directly tied to your CRM integration, so it will become a seamless part of your vehicle lead follow-up procedures. When car shoppers text the last 8 digits of your vehicle’s VIN to a five-digit SMS short-code, our software automatically submits some valuable information to your CRM, including:

• Customer Name
• Customer Cell Phone Number
• Exact Vehicle of Interest
• Age Range
• Mailing Address
• Gender

The Benefits of SMS

The benefits for messaging like this are simple: SMS messaging fosters better communication with your potential customers than any other medium. In fact, we did the research to find out from shoppers directly (you can see more here)! Here are a few key takeaways to consider:

• SMS messages are opened 10x more than email
• Text allows the receiver to return a communication quickly and easily
• Messages are stored and easily reviewed
• MUCH less spam than voice/email messages
• SMS communication is less threatening than other mediums for shoppers
• 48% of all searches for car dealers come from mobile devices



of consumers prefer text-message marketing over other marketing tools


of text messages are opened by their recipients (your future customers)


of consumers prefer SMS messaging over any other messaging apps


of people reply to text message blasts they receive


of brands expect to increase their SMS marketing budgets

Where do Redline TextUps Leads Come From?

Redline Textups extend the lead generation capacity of all your dealership’s digital assets, and introduces window-sticker lead form submissions! Our proprietary VIN-specific texting software adds a custom text short-code to every vehicle image and each window sticker.

That means lead submissions are now possible from:

• Dealer website inventory photos
• Social media posts
• Manufacturer-provided VDP’s
• All third party inventory aggregators (, CarGuru’s, etc..)
• Facebook Marketplace
• A simple yet powerful website widget
• Physical window stickers on your cars
• Inventory hang-tags
• Placing a text code on any traditional advertising, including TV and OTT/CTV

Consider This Real Use Case

“I’m watching the football game on Saturday, and get a TextUp on my phone… A young lady is on the lot, it’s raining and she sends a TextUp on a used Jeep Liberty.

I call her back immediately and feature-benefit from my couch. I tell her to go into the office and speak with Steve, who closes the sale. I highly recommend TextUps!”

-John E. Allen Mello Dodge

Generate More Leads & Sales Today

Redline Textups ensures auto dealers have the best technology to meet their customers where they are with the best content they have available.

Whenever a shopper wants information about a specific vehicle, they simply text the last eight digits of the vehicle’s VIN to 96300.

Instantly, the shopper gets a link to the exact vehicle of interest and other dealer selected content (Virtual Brochure, AutoiPacket, etc.). You receive the shopper’s name, mobile number, and the exact vehicle of interest directly in your CRM. By using a simple QR code on items like window stickers, one scan opens and pre-fills the SMS messenger on your customer’s phone – and they press just one button to send!

Experience how the Redline dealership texting service gives shoppers what they want, friction-less access to your best content.

Give it a try: Text OFFER to 96300 and see for yourself!*

*Note: Msg freq. varies. Msg & data rates may apply. Reply STOP to stop, HELP for help. Terms & Privacy:

Still Have Questions?

What is SMS Lead Generation?

SMS Lead Generation is the process of generating leads from potential customers by using vanity text words by promoting them on a dealer’s lot (often on vehicle stickers, printed materials, etc.), on the web, and on third-party sites to drive engagement. These vanity keywords are usually a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. “car123”). 

When a customer sees these codes on any kind of marketing material, they send a text message to the appropriate number (usually the last 8 digits of a vehicle’s VIN). They’ll then receive an immediate response that provides details and information about that vehicle directly on their mobile device. 

This helps keep them engaged with your dealership and your inventory, while also allowing you to follow up with them as you see fit to help drive a sale. Since Redline’s SMS Lead Generation service is tied directly to your CRM, you’re able to collect the prospective customer’s name, cell phone number, the vehicle they’re interested in, and often additional information like their age, address, and even gender.

What is a vanity textword?

A vanity textword is a unique, static text code used in marketing to provide potential customers easy access to information on vehicles and dealerships alike, and the client easy access to customer information which facilitates lead generation.

How does SMS Lead Generation drive more sales?

SMS Lead Generation extends the capacity of a dealership’s digital and traditional marketing efforts, including the opportunity to generate leads from a window sticker on a vehicle. Using vanity textwords, which allow a potential customer to receive details about a particular vehicle right on their mobile device, dealerships can seamlessly collect their contact information to help drive higher sales. 

SMS Lead Generation allows for leads to be generated via inventory photos, social media, third-party aggregators (such as, etc.), on your website, and even through traditional media like hangtags, posters, placards and more.

Does SMS messaging have a high cost per lead?

Not at all! In fact, SMS leads tend to be significantly below-average cost per lead for dealerships (our research has found anywhere between and $4-6 cost per lead, which is much cheaper than most other marketing channels).

Does Redline’s SMS Lead Generation integrate with my CRM?

In almost every case, yes – in fact, it’s a requirement for Redline’s SMS Lead Generation to do what it does best. This is because when a customer sends a text message through, your CRM will be fed the customer’s contact information (as well as some demographic information, where applicable). Your team can then follow up with them in a number of different ways to help drive them toward a vehicle sale.

Ready to Drive Great Results?

Whether you’re looking for photography, video, lead-gen services or anything else to help drive more engagement and ROI, Redline has you covered. Let’s connect and see how we can help!

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