Dealership Inventory Photo Service

Dealership inventory photography specialists visit each dealer on a schedule determined by the number of vehicles requiring pictures or video. Cars are located and staged so that the photos are of the quality needed to convert VDP viewers into showroom visitors.


Jeep is the star, w/ branding
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
Realistic Background Because of Correct Angles
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
A+ Framing, Angle & Lighting
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
A+ Framing on a BIG SUV
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
We Make Photobooths Look Good
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
Dare I Say... Sexy
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
Great Framing, Great Lighting
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
The Hero Shot
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
God Bless America!
Example of GREAT vehicle photography
Text/SMS Overlay on image of Porsche
Image Compliant, Shot in a Parking Lot
Example image showing SMS Text marketing overlay


What color is that SUV?
Example of bad vehicle photography
Everything is wrong
Example of bad vehicle photography
Supercar, terrible photo
Example of bad vehicle photography
What's the priority here?
Example of bad vehicle photography
A $45k photo booth for this?
Example of bad vehicle photography
I'm dizzy
Example of bad vehicle photography
Vehicle Photo No Bumpers
Who needs to see the bumpers?
Example of bad vehicle photography
Date stamp & tons of glare
Example of bad vehicle photography
Turn off headlights increase white balance
Example of bad vehicle photography
Terrible angle = worse background
Example of bad vehicle photography

Redline = Premium Photography

Shopping online for a vehicle demands auto dealer photography that exceeds the high expectations of your website visitors.

Car shopping is emotional. Very few buyers truly NEED a new vehicle, they want one.

Redline’s highly-trained photographers know how to stage, frame, light, capture and edit photos of your inventory to trigger emotional responses in shoppers resulting in MORE clicks, MORE leads and MORE sales. The car shopping journey visually starts with a thumbnail photo; make yours count!

Graphic representing car dealer photography technology
Dealership photography example
Car dealership photography prices are cost-effective.

Nothing surpasses the impact of online images for increasing click-through rate. Click-through rate is also an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) metric that directly influences the overall cost of an auto dealer’s online visibility. A higher click-through rate will drive website visits at a lower cost. Conversely, if a dealer’s New or Used car images are sub-par they will get fewer clicks and will drive costs higher.

For many automobile dealers, vehicle inventory management is a full-time job. Who drove it last? Who has the keys? Go check so and so’s desk. These all-to-familiar phrases can derail the best efforts to get New or Used inventory images online.

Redline reps service about 6 stores per photographer. Competitors force reps to service 12-18+ stores! Redline spends MORE time at your lot pulling cars out of detail, the shop, the bullpen, etc., and getting them online. Just don’t ask them to go in so and so’s desk, have you seen that mess?

Interior photo of car
Dealer inventory photo
Camera graphic

“Every Vehicle, Every Visit.” It sounds simple, but most vendors responsible for car dealership images fail to execute on this. This simple philosophy of getting your cars online FAST is the driving force behind Redline’s lifetime 97%+ customer retention rate. You read that right, OVER NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT! Our clients depend on our photography specialists to arrive on schedule, support dealership lot-services staff, and photograph available dealer inventory with as little interruption of business as possible.

Line art of data to cloud photography uploads

Don’t be fooled! Some low-end dealership photography companies promote “VIN explosion” as though it offers the same decode of model-specific data. Redline collects OEM specific package and option for your vehicles. Listing your cars with high-value vehicle-specific data (not a “VIN explosion”) helps buyers find your inventory on your dealership website, OEM sites and 3rd party sites.


The typical break-point between inventory photo service providers and car dealership management is communication. Redline automotive photography specialists understand that nothing is more important than the Up on the floor or on the lot. We can wait. It is actually part of our plan. We will be there when you have time for us.

Our inventory photo service includes use and review of a comprehensive Missing Photo Reports (MPRs) for both dealership management and Redline management. This process keeps Redline photographers accountable to our high service-level expectations. We strive to physically touch every car missing photos on each visit and to provide dealership management with detailed information on location, condition and status of every vehicle that we CAN’T photograph. Redline provides superior communication to get your inventory online FASTER. This process takes a little additional effort, but Missing Photo Reports (MPRs) ensure you always in-the know. IF a vehicle is missing photos you’ll know WHY.

Want your cars online faster? Redline.



Our phone support is available from M-T from 8:30am-7pm EST/ Fri. from 8:30am-6pm EST / Sat. from 11am-3pm EST.