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Redline is the nation’s leading automotive services provider, dedicated to helping our dealer partners grow their digital presence, drive more leads, and sell more cars.

Our Roots Began In Service

Redline Automotive Merchandising started as a small service company over 15 years ago, dedicated to building great relationships with our clients, and delivering the highest standard of service. Today, we still believe in those core values, and can offer a full suite of lot services alongside cutting-edge digital marketing tools that help you drive a higher ROI.



The Redline Advantage™ vision is a unique suite of services and marketing solutions helping delivering workflow solutions to accelerate distributed content creation.



Redline Automotive Merchandising started as a small service company in 2007; dedicated to building great relationships with our clients and delivering the highest standard of service. Today, we still believe in those core values, and are proud to offer a full suite of leading-edge SaaS tools and advertising solution’s along side our on-lot services.



Redline believes in offering relentless problem solving along with a simplified, one-vendor solution, and delivering the best ROI for our customers.

The Triple-Digit Redline Team

We’re endlessly proud of the friendly and fanatical team we’ve formed here at Redline.
Our team of Automotive Industry specialists in support, dealer operations and technology continues to grow and evolve over the years into a bigger and better!

It's Nice To Be Recognized

We’ve been fortunate enough to be recognized for our service and performance many times through the years. We’re very proud of our accomplishments, but we remain dedicated to providing the same consistently high level of value and ROI for our clients.


  • “We have been using  the TextUps program and it is in the top 3 every month in lead volume and closing percentage. The support staff is second to none!”

    - Thomas E., Internet Director, Nyle Maxwell CJD

  • “We used to do a deal via text every once in awhile, and now we do 30+/month via TextUps out of one BDC. The numbers speak for themselves. The product is much easier to use than either Autobytel or Edmunds”

    - Bryan L., E-commerce Director, Cherry Hill CJD

  • Our rep is very responsive, very punctual. I wish I could get the cars through the shop faster. The only problem I am having is that you guys are too fast. I couldn't be happier with Redline.


    Richard A. - Englewood, NJ

  • Our Rep is an asset to your company. He is always here when he is supposed to be. He always has a smile on his face and it really shows that he likes and cares about his job. He is an awesome rep.


    Bernie C. - Stamford, CT

  • My Rep does a great job. He's always going over the missing photo report with me which also cleans it up.


    Charles S. - Springfield, NJ

  • I was very concerned about the transition from one rep to a new rep. I see now that I was incorrect. My new rep is very thorough and is just as accurate and dependable as my former rep. I am very happy with Redline and have a lot of confidence in your high quality reps.


    Marc C. - Densville, NJ

  • Doing great. My rep is a great employee. Thanks for the great customer service.


    CJ M. - Hackettstown, NJ

  • Our rep is a good worker, communicates great and is a pleasure to work with.


    Ken L. - Paramus, NJ

  • Our old rep is a good guy, he is very professional and always did what I asked of him. I'm looking forward to working with our new rep.


    Martin K. - Paramus, NJ

  • Our rep is great, willing to take direction when needed. Very reliable, very happy with him.


    Jessica S. - Shalotte, NJ

  • Our rep is very professional it shows that he cares. Today my rep brought up a Nissan that didn't have hubcaps and suggested that hubcaps be put on the car before he shoots it. This is just today's example. My rep constantly communicates things like this. I could not be happier with Redline and all of our reps.


    Robson A. - North Plainsfield, NJ

  • Our rep is great, easy to get a hold of if there's ever an issue. We're very happy with Redline.


    Rachel T. - Atlantic City, NJ

  • Our rep is great! He really cares about my business. He always has a smile on his face and is always polite. Keep training reps like mine!


    Herb H. - Newton, NJ

  • My rep is very good, very thorough, we're on the same page a lot. Redline is an area that we don't have to worry about and it's easy to get a hold of someone if needed.


    Christi B. - Mt. Laurel, NJ

  • You guys are great, cars get online much faster than they did with our old company.


    Carl A. - Whippany, NJ

  • Our rep is reliable. He is always here on the days he is supposed to be and doesn't leave until all the work is done.


    Jeff P. - Madison, NJ

  • Our Rep is great, never any problems with him or Redline. Easy to get a hold of.


    Marty F. - Vineland, NJ

  • Under control, easy to get in touch with Marc and Herb. Happy with Redline, no complaints.


    Dave S. - Atlantic City, NJ

  • Our rep works very hard for us, in today's world it's hard to find people that make you feel like your business matters to them. He goes above and beyond to show me my business is important to him. Every rep we have been sent has been great, keep training reps like these.


    Raz P. - Randolph, NJ

  • Our rep is great, never any issues. He and his manager are always quick to respond to any issues. No complaints!


    Mike G. - Mt. Laurel, NJ

  • I am happy with my new rep's pictures. Redline has quite a few very solid reps. I have been happy with everyone in Redline.


    Craig H. - Toms River, NJ

  • Our rep goes above and beyond. He constantly communicates any issues and always goes over the missing photo report.


    Paul B. - Clifton, NJ

  • Justin is great, he always checks in and out with me or Rafael and doesn't leave until every car is done. Every photographer you guys send me is a hard worker. Thanks for the pretzels!


    Anthony C. - Bridgewater Township, NJ

  • Redline has been very responsive. I am very impressed with my rep. There was an issue with a sticker a few Saturday's ago within one hour of noticing my rep of the mistake he was here and fixed it. I have never had a vendor fix a mistake so quick.


    Chris T. - Springfield, NJ

  • Our rep does a great job. He is very friendly. He goes above and beyond. He always comes in with a smile asking how everyone's day is. He is a pleasure to work with.


    Jordan R. - Newton, NJ

  • My rep is very consistent and communicates well. He is a great photographer. He never leaves without checking out with me and making sure all the cars are done. I'm very happy with him and Redline.


    Ryan A. - Newton, NJ

  • We like our Rep a lot, very easy to deal with. He's very good. 100% good, very happy with him and Redline.


    Mike R. - Millville, NJ

  • Burns Auto Group has been with Redline for 10+ years now and we do not have a single complaint about the company. There employees do a great job with pictures, videos, buyers guides, and much more. They are always on time and have great customer service when we want to make changes. I would recommend them to any company looking to take there internet presence to the next level.


    Paul B. - Langhorne, PA

  • I have been dealing with Mark Rubino and all his employees from their inception. Every person that I have had interaction with over the years has always been exceptional! They value our business and are on top of my new and used car business every day to make sure ALL my photos are correct. They are the best!


    Mike R. - Philadelphia, PA

  • My Rep goes above and beyond my Expectations, always on time, stays as long as it takes to Complete my inventory. Always friendly to our guests, other vendors and employees, He's the BEST !!!


    Joseph S. - Philadelphia, PA

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