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“Over 75% of auto shoppers say that online video has influenced their shopping habits or purchases”

Google/Ipsos, U.S., “How People Shop with YouTube” study, 18–64-year-olds who go online at least once per month and have purchased a car in the last year (n=400), July 2018

Video influences SEO
Inspire Shopper Confidence & Turbocharge Organic SEO

Car dealership video marketing has never been more critical to an auto dealer’s success. It is no longer sufficient for dealers to “be found” online. Shoppers expect high-quality HD video on every platform where dealer inventory exists. ReelUps™ is an HD video marketing solution. It creates unique and exciting viewing experiences for your shoppers while leveraging YouTube marketing for powerful organic SEO. Come see the difference as we re-define automotive shopper engagement!

Amazing HD Videos of Your Inventory

ReelUps™ offers auto dealers a High Definition video solution for displaying new or used vehicle inventory as well as best in class automotive walk-around videos.
We make it easy to get videos of your inventory online with our DIY app that you or your lot service/photo provider can easily use.

Dynamically Created Videos.

Watch the Presentation

ReelUps™ takes your video clips and creates a custom HD video for each car in your inventory. The Redline Automotive Merchandising video app is a critical component of our suite of automotive digital marketing services

It includes:

  • professionally designed templates
  • spokes-models
  • custom music tracks

ReelUps™ even offers integrations with your CarFax data displayed right inside your video!

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97% of car shoppers take action after watching a vehicle video.


84% of vehicle shoppers want HD video as part of their buying experience.


46% of car shoppers visited a dealership after watching a vehicle video.

Organic SEO

Installing the ReelUps™ HD video player on your dealership website drives traffic to YouTube-hosted (and SEO tagged!) videos. That means your dealership web traffic will add YouTube “views” to your videos while keeping shoppers on your VDP pages. As videos gain views, they also gain SEO relevance. Many videos achieve “Google Page-1” results.

Take a look!

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YouTube Video Creator App Features:

High-Definition 720p Video

All video content (Intros, Outros,live-motion video clips, CPO scenes, CARFAX scenes, special effects, etc.) are produced in native 720p resolution for crisp and superior playback quality.

Video Shake Reduction

Proprietary video stabilization process helps to reduce unwanted shaking and bouncing of the livemotion video clips shot by the dealership/service-provider. Optionally choose to bypass this process.

YouTube Views Accelerator

When someone on your website clicks on the video link the ReelUps  player will check YouTube for the same video content. If available and current, the player will play the YouTube-hosted version of the video.

“Splash” Introduction

Choose from multiple dealership-branded Intro and Outro scene templates. Optionally use dealership or agency provided spots for Intro and/or Outro scenes. Option for Intro-only, Outro-only, or none.

Dealership Logo Overlays

Continuously branded throughout the live motion video scene(s) with watermarking of the dealership logo. Optionally choose no overlay or alternate graphics.

Responsive Design

Video player is optimized for self-adjusted positioning and sizing relative to browser and content variance.

Cross Browser Compatible

Modern versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple/iOS Safari, and Android Native Browsers are supported.

Get Started

ReelUps™ will dynamically create a custom high definition video for each car in your inventory.  This includes professionally designed templates, spokesmodels, and custom music tracks.  ReelUps™ also offers integrations with your CarFax data displayed right inside your video.