Your CRM. Your Exact VIN. Your Best Response. Automatically!

Lead form friction is hesitation created during any of the micro-moments that would, without such friction result in conversion from site visitor to a contact opportunity.

Texting is the preferred method of communication for most Americans. TextUps™ Vehicle SMS lead generation program allows you to easily attract text leads in the communication method they prefer. TextUps™ case studies have shown a lead cost of just $4-$6 per lead, a fraction of the industry average. It works on your lot, on your website, on all 3rd party sites, and in traditional advertising. Text message marketing is the new way for auto dealers to generate leads, communicate with buyers, and to close deals.

Among the Best Lead ROI in Automotive
Text/SMS Overlay on image of Porsche


Let your prospects deliver their contact information to your CRM through SMS mobile texting shortcodes and put your best sales or service content in their hands seconds later.

What's a TextUps™ Lead?

A texting solution for car dealerships must include CRM integration so it will become a seamless part of your vehicle lead follow-up procedures. When car shoppers text the last 8 of your vehicle’s VIN to a five-digit SMS short-code our software will automatically submit valuable information to your CRM.

– Customer Name
– Customer Cell Phone Number
– Exact Vehicle of Interest
– Age Range
– Mailing Address
– Gender

Get Started

The TextUps™ Technology Package lets shoppers begin the conversation with a single text. You will receive image overlays for your vehicle inventory, including a call to action to text for more information. Each vehicle image syndicated out to third parties like or your website hosting company will display the CTA directing them to text the last eight digits of the VIN to our proprietary short-code

Supercharge your leads with our Enhanced Pro option for your leads. With the Enhanced Pro option, you’ll get additional information about your lead. Valuable data such as the lead’s first name, last name, gender, and even the age range (when available). You’ll also get access to our opt-in content customization feature. You can fully customize the opt-in details displayed in the widget on your website for maximum control.

Example of client image with short-code overlay