Redline Drives ROI With Employees

Redline’s goal is Driving ROI for our clients and team members alike. A real-world example is Chris, a Redline Automotive Merchandising Specialist, who recently put up the highest individual billing day in company history. Unsurprisingly, Chris also achieved the best winter month in company history for a dealership inventory photographer, which was simultaneously the third-best overall month in company history – all while navigating Covid and during the short, cold days of December.

Driven by his passion for automobiles and a desire for a non-traditional working environment, Chris joined Redline at just 19 years old as a full-time Merchandising Specialist, the industry term for a car dealership photographer.

When Chris first began his career at Redline, there were aspects in which he struggled. He spent his first year overcoming the challenges of being a full time employee in a high energy environment, learning to face hurdles as they came and adapt to what was, for all of us, an unprecedented year of difficulties. After months of hard work, Chris entered his second year as a Merchandising Specialist ready to turn everything around.

Though for four months the Covid-19 pandemic created a scheduling nightmare in the form of both full and partial closures, Chris roared into the newly reopened marketplace; increasing his revenue generation and – thanks to Redline’s industry-leading dealership photographer pay rates – his income, for twelve out of thirteen consecutive months.


Yes, you read that right, Chris raised his income almost monthly for better than a full year! Over that time, he was able to quintuple his earnings while working the exact same automotive dealership photography job within Redline. Chris embodies what Redline offers to our employees: opportunity. Providing opportunity is one of the best aspects of being a business owner and I’m incredibly proud of employees like Chris, who go above and beyond not only to better themselves, but our business and service as well.



Wanting to give Chris the opportunity to tell his story, I asked him if we could sit down for a chat about his experience over his first two years with the company. Here’s how our conversation went:



Chris: When I first applied, I really didn’t know what I wanted. It was hard for me getting used to the new position. I had a lot going on personally and that was a big distraction.

Myself: That’s hard work! Why did you want that?

Chris: There’s a lot of factors between my personal and family life that caused me to want to push that hard. When I started [with Redline] I had to borrow my mom’s car and I was recently able to get her a new Nissan Rogue and I bought myself a brand-new Toyota Tacoma. Now I just save and save and save my money…I’m basically stress-free.” 

Myself: What was different from last year to this year?

Chris: The biggest difference is working more efficiently, getting started earlier and utilizing the “every car every visit” mindset. I ask for extra work every week.

Myself: What advice can you offer other auto dealership photographers?

Chris: I like to be at work by 6:30 AM every day and I’m taking pictures of cars by 7:15 AM, that’s my goal. The more efficient you work, the faster you get done your work and the more you can ask management for additional work.

Myself: If you didn’t ask for more work, would you bill as much as you do?

Chris: Definitely not. Asking for extra work will definitely raise your billing, if not double it.”

Myself: Despite your recent success you considered resigning from dealership lot services during your first year. Why?

Chris: I saw other people with better auto dealer photo services clients that were selling more cars. I learned that the more work you put in the more likely you are to get the better stores. You just need to work for it. And now I’m here to stay because I see the kind of dealership photography pay that can be made with Redline.

Myself: What advice would you give to current car dealership photography providers at Redline?

Christ: Pack a lunch, start early, push yourself a little harder. Set billing goals like “I want to bill ‘$X’ by noon.” Make little games or tricks that help you shave time off each of your car photography services.

After our talk, I felt truly grateful to have hard workers like Chris on my team at Redline. Workers like him set an incredible example for all current and future auto dealership inventory photographers within Redline and possibly even other dealership photography companies. 

Ryan Matejka
COO / Partner
Redline Automotive Merchandising