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Savvy auto dealers are increasingly using video to help boost sales. 75% of auto shoppers said video impacted their buying decision. Video is critical for those who want to stay ahead of their competition and keep sales strong. Some dealerships have held off on incorporating video into their marketing strategies because of the perception that [...]
Video is a critical part of the buyer's journey when researching anything from nutritional supplements, to new cars, and everything in-between. Demand for video has been trending up for years and further accelerated during the pandemic. Lockdowns made in-person shopping difficult, if not impossible for most auto customers. Dealers needed better online awareness and more [...]
Are you Actually Saving Money by Photographing In-House? Here’s the truth: most dealerships believe that using a photography vendor is way more expensive than doing the work in-house. We know this because we’ve worked with hundreds of dealerships nationwide in our 15+ years of experience. But the reality is, using a reputable lot services vendor [...]
How Dealerships Can Leverage CTV to Drive More Sales Let’s start with definitions, because when it comes to digital marketing, the acronyms can get confusing! The term OTT stands for “over the top”, which essentially refers to video content that users stream through an internet connection. The devices used are many and continue to grow [...]
Introducing Redline 2.0Haddonfield, NJ --- Effective Tuesday, March 8, Redline Automotive Merchandising LLC will be releasing a new logo with refreshed branding. "This is an exciting time for Redline," said Redline CEO Mike McGlade. "Our new branding is a visual signal that Redline is evolving as a company, and that we are committed to developing [...]
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