March Partner Announcements

March Partner Announcements

Hello Redline Partners!

Welcome to 2018! Redline has big and exciting things on the horizon and we look forward to sharing all of those things with you soon! First, Redline would like to thank each and every one of you for making 2017 a great success. Partners across the country implemented Redline technology with their dealers and saw fantastic results, including excellent ROI for their dealers and additional revenue for themselves. Throughout 2018, we look forward to bringing additional technology solutions to provide our dedicated partners with more opportunities to increase dealer ROI, retention, and personal revenue generation.

2017 Partner Of The Year

With the conclusion of 2017, the final numbers have been tabulated and we can now officially announce our 2017 Partner of the Year. Final ranking results were calculated using a point value system for: total number of customers signed (by technology), total customers active as of 12/31/17, and number of lot labels purchased (blank or pre-printed). Without further ado, congratulations to Jeff Bartholomew and his team at Automotive Marketing Solutions out of Lubbock, TX! Jeff and his team were hard at work in 2017, where they welcomed over 60 active dealers in West Texas on solutions such as Redline Sites and TextUps. Jeff and his team at Automotive Marketing Solutions reported excellent ROI from their clients and, maybe more importantly, greatly increased bottom line revenue opportunities for themselves. Automotive Marketing Solutions will be receiving the inaugural Redline Partner of the Year award, a bright and shiny 24kt gold award, measuring in at over 4lbs and standing 1 foot tall.

We cannot thank the rest of our partners enough for helping make 2017 a success. Our 2017 honorable mention partners include the next 3 partners in our rankings. They include: 2) Travis Blount; Auto Specialties of Tennessee/Las Vegas, 3) Troy Spring – DealerWorld; out of Lehighton, PA, 4) Gary McWhorter – Smartlot Solutions; out of Tampa, FL metro. Thank you all!

2018 Partner of the Year Tracker

One month into 2018 and our 2018 POY top 3 leaderboard shows Automotive Marketing Solutions (Jeff Bartholomew) just edging out Smartlot Solutions (Gary McWhorter) for 1st place, followed in 3rd by Dealer Specialties of North Carolina (Jim Miller).

Special Incentives

As mentioned in the last Partner Update, Redline will be including special product incentives on a monthly, and yearly, basis. The goal with the special incentives is to allow you to give a product away at a discounted rate (or free of charge) to help you build your customer base OR to allow you to pocket the extra money so as to repurpose and help grow your business.

The February special incentive is: “Receive 30 days FREE on the TextUps Technology Package for the first 5 dealers signed in the month of February.” Pass along the savings to your customers or keep it for yourself if you wish! That equates to a retail value of nearly $1,500 back in your pocket if you so choose.

The 2018 Yearly incentive is: “Buy $10,000 in lot labels from Redline in the 2018 calendar year and receive a FREE 6 months of the Redline Technology Pkg.” ** That equates to a retail value over $2,400 back in your pocket. One month into the year and we already have one partner who has nearly achieved 50% of the yearly incentive goal! Additionally, do not forget each pack of 250 labels ordered goes into the point totals for 2018 Partner of the Year rankings.

Be on the Lookout 

We’re headed back to the Redline Store!  We want you to know we are officially going to be moving back to the Redline Store for managing subscriptions and new orders.

Improvements to the store functions are what have enabled us to be able to make this move.

Those improvements include:

Advanced coupon code functionality

A cleaner display of products with your discounts clearly shown

A single place to view all of your orders and subscriptions in real time

Ease of updating credit card info

Ease of adding new products or cancellations

Monthly Summary Statement Capability

The single greatest reason we have decided to move all subscriptions back into the Redline Store is so we can creatively offer you monthly product incentives, which ultimately benefit your bottom-line.  Therefore, this transition is meant to make things easier on both of us, while allowing you to spend more time making money.

While things have been improved, it is not a perfect system and we are aware of some of the things that you liked about the manual ordering/billing system.  We are constantly looking for ways to make things more effective for your business and we always welcome feedback. Your feedback is the only way we can learn what pain points you are running into. That feedback allows us to continually work on improvements based on how best we can optimize the experience for all of our resellers, so feel free to share.

For those of you that have used the Redline Store system in the past, you should be familiar with it.  For those of you that have not, we will be sharing some videos and information on where to find things, how to place orders and several more of the store’s features over the next couple of weeks, so make sure to watch your inbox!

As for all of your existing orders and subscriptions, there is nothing that you need to do at this time.  All of those items will be migrated over for you and we will let you know when that is complete. We hope to have this transition completed within the next few weeks.

Thank you all again and best of luck to everyone in 2018!!

** Valid on only one new dealer, where integrations exist.