Partner Announcement

Partner Announcement

Hello Redline Partners,

Welcome to the new Redline Partner notification system! This new system will ensure you are notified of all future Redline feature improvements, incentives, and technology releases! Considering the sensitive nature of the aforementioned product related material, all information received should still be considered CONFIDENTIAL. Redline will inform you in advance if any marketing and/or product related information, released via this system or any other, is available for outside sharing.

Reseller Dashboard and Reporting System

Redline would like to announce the release of our new BETA Reseller Dashboard and Reporting System! Over the next week, you will receive a login notification and should have access over the next few days. This new BETA reporting system, accessible via the Redline Engine, will allow you the full capability to access your subscribed dealer TextUps analytics (among others technologies), with the added capability to: Copy, Print, or download TextUps lead results in PDF, CSV, or XLSX formats! You will also have the capability to select custom date ranges and sort lead results by: Phone Number, Textword, Source, City, State, or Date. We will be providing tutorials and videos on how to use the new Reseller system.

Since you will now have access to your own personal Reseller Dashboard, you will no longer have access to the dealer’s direct TextUps Dealer Dashboard. Once the transition has been made, the dealer will then have access to their current Dealer Dashboard and should expect to see their monthly automated reports sent by TextUps. After this transition, it will be up to the dealer’s discretion on if they would like to share their Dealer Dashboard login credentials with you or your employees.

Partner of the Year

Redline has decided to launch an inaugural Partner of the Year award with the winner to be announced in January 2018! Stay tuned for more information on this over the coming weeks and good luck to all Partners!

Special Incentives Program

As you have heard, Redline has effectively launched our Redline Special Incentives program for our dedicated partners. You should expect to receive all future incentive announcements via this forum. The Redline Special Incentive for November and December (2017) is 40% off your current partner rate on ALL TextUps Technology products, which include: TextUps Tech Pkg, SMS Overlays, Save to Phone, and the Vanity Textword. Any dealers signed during this period will receive 40% off until recurring billing occurs in January, at which point the rate will return to normal. At the expiration of the prior incentive, we will announce the next special incentive.

As our dedicated partners, your feedback and input is always valued, therefore, over the coming months, Redline will be seeking YOUR input on a number of things.  During this time, you should expect to see surveys and opinion questions as it pertains to product, pricing, and our Partner Program.

Thank you again for your partnership!

– Redline Partner Support